Code Connex is a Systemized Website and App Maintenance Program

Our Service Process

  • Setup & Initiation

  • 10+ Onboarding Check

  • 20+ Monthly Checks

  • Ongoing Support

What All Included in Website & APP Management Service

In a nutshell, we completely manage your website and app with respect to technical and content change. Our Team takes care of all the following aspects of maintenance, at very affordable price.

  • Content / Image Updates
  • Address Technical Issues
  • Security
  • Scope Based Maintenance
  • Backup
  • Uptime Monitoring

What All Included in Website & APP Management Service

We provide a complete website and mobile app maintenance service from a small content update, bug fixing, troubleshooting, critical security updates, SSL installation, module configurations, and installation to version upgrades and much more.

  • Cost reduction and greater Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Increased predictability
  • Focus on your core business process
  • Increases your overall profits!
  • Ensures high-end security to your website
  • Saves times and access to new resources
  • Reducing application maintenance costs
  • Customer IT staff freed up to focus on innovative business solutions
  • Mitigated Risk
  • Improved Service levels